Sunday, September 8, 2013

Apartment Therapy Classifieds

My friend told me about Apartment Therapy last year. She wanted to sell some furniture and did just that by advertising here. So I checked in to it and decided to advertise too... And since then have reached a milestone.  Just this week I've had 500 views of my English Springer Spaniel digital art. Since what I do for a living is measuring performance, it's something to take note of, and is one of the many ways to market a product. The site is also linked to this blog. If I had to compare this year to last, the digital art work has had more traffic and notice, and I find it all a very interesting adventure. There are just so many options out there now it can sometimes be overwhelming to keep up with all of them. But it's just as interesting to find out about them, and then actually get contacted because someone saw it. That English Springer is from Australia, and thanks to him, has generated a lot of attention. 

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