Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Basis Charter School, Portrait Gallery, Archives and Navy Memorial

Our grandson changed schools this year. He attended a DC public school a block from his house through fourth grade. On his assigned baby sitting days it was really easy for my husband to pick him up because it was so close. The new school, Basis Charter School, is still in the neighborhood, but not nearly as close. One could argue that the location is even better. If you look up one side of the street, the Portrait Gallery can be seen. Down the other side of the street is the National Archives Building on Pennsylvania Avenue. In between the school and the Archives is the Navy Memorial with fountains, occasional Navy Band concerts, and very scenic views of city life. I'm not certain the boys understand the significance of all this, but I know my husband does. He even enjoys the one day a week bus ride he takes to pick the ten year old up after school. I'm sure soon that will come to an end, but in the mean time he is thoroughly enjoying it. 

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