Thursday, June 29, 2017

Comcast Xfinity Modem Switch

Whenever we get any notification from Comcast it usually is disturbing and means a lot of wasted time. We got an email that the equipment we ordered was on the way. The trouble is, we didn't order any equipment. Shortly thereafter, we got a letter in the mail that said our wireless gateway had a technical issue identified by the manufacturer - which meant it needed to be swapped out and returned. And this switch had to be done by July 11 or we could lose all internet access. I was dreading this usually time consuming matter, and waited another day to built up my confidence. So when we opened the box, it looked daunting. But luckily we weren't installing equipment for the first time, so it only required removing the existing connections from the old modem and simply attaching them back to the new modem in the same locations. We also downloaded an app that walked us through the process, and we easily connected back to wifi automatically as the app used the same name and password, so I didn't have to reconfigure all of our equipment, printer, and laptop. When it was all said and done, we put the old equipment back in the box that the new equipment came in, added the prepaid return sticker, and walked it down to the UPS Store on Pennsylvania Avenue this morning rather than drive it back to the Comcast store. I'll keep the receipt because we are supposed to get a $10 discount for the inconvenience of it all. While I hate dealing with this sort of thing, it was one of the easiest issues to fix. Things have changed a lot over the last ten years since we first moved to DC. Hopefully the nightmares will end all together.

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