Friday, June 30, 2017

Garden Cucumbers and Tomatoes

We used to have a large vegetable garden in the Midwest. Since we moved to DC almost eleven years ago, we now have a small patio garden with enough space to grow a few vegetables. My husband really likes tomatoes; I prefer the cucumbers. But together, they are wonderful. Unfortunately over the last few years the weather has been too hot for any decent tomato crop. We always go with two different kinds of plants hoping that one will make it through. This season, there is some promise that we may get at least three tomatoes on the larger plant. The smaller one hardly has any flowers and is just taking up space. The cucumbers used to crawl around and hide everywhere. But now we are smarter and have the vines grow on a makeshift trellis attached to the fence. We are rarely disappointed and it looks as though it will be the same. There are already many flowers and tiny cucumbers already growing - the bees have been busy on that side of the garden. So time will tell. I did spray the plants with a fungicide just in case. There is nothing better than a fresh vegetable out of the garden - especially when it is one of your own.

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