Friday, June 2, 2017

Williams and Sonoma Apilco Dinnerware

When we lived in Milwaukee we had three sets of dinnerware - very casual, every day, and China. The china was kept in the hutch in the dining room and rarely used. When we moved to DC over ten years ago, we left it all behind except for a couple of plates and bowls. With their encouragement, we decided to get the same dinnerware as our kids (who lived down the street) had. That way, we could borrow whatever we needed if and when the occasion arose. And it did happen a couple of times when we needed an extra plate or two. But since they moved, we no longer have that option. So when a plate chips or breaks - which is a very rare occurrence - we need to replace it just to have the minimum amount of dinnerware on hand. And so was the case when we went to Williams and Sonoma to find Apilco replacements. We decided to get two just in case there would be a other mishap in the near future. Because we don't have a lot of room around here, we only have on hand what we need. And if we need something more we get it at the time. It's a great way to downsize. I can't say I miss any of the stuff we left behind. But we really notice it when something needs to be replaced.

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