Thursday, June 15, 2017

We Missed Portland, But Not Seattle

I don't think many people travel like my husband and I. We rarely stop to see things; rather, we pick a destination and if something comes up in between where we started and where we want to be, we may make a detour. We have probably missed out on a few things - like the Grand Canyon. That's why we made sure we stopped at Yellowstone and Old Faithful this time out. On our way to the ends of the earth, we were supposed to go through Portland on the way to Astoria, Oregon. But we went around instead of through the city and saw nothing. So when we left Olympia, Washington this morning, we didn't want to miss Seattle before we started the journey back east. And we sure picked a rotten time to drive that way - morning rush hour. It felt like we were back in DC. But I have to say we did see Seattle for about five minutes over the cars and in the distance. I've always heard about the needle and saw it with my own eyes. We didn't need to be anywhere nearer to it. The city looked nice,  but I still got the sense it is at the end of the earth. We are simply east coast folks, but it's the chance of a life time to see the rest of the 48 states! It's the drive and being together that counts, and we love it!

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