Thursday, June 1, 2017

Next Day Blinds Correct This Time

A few weeks ago we ordered a black out shade from Next Day Blinds for the tiny bedroom we made from a 70x76 inch closet. Every square inch of space is used to the maximum in our small condo on Capitol Hill. All of the other five windows in the house have shades from Next Day Blinds. We have honeycomb shades to provide privacy, and black outs to create a better sleeping environment, add another layer of insulation in winter, and provide a finished and complete look at the top of the windows. When they installed the black out shade a week ago in the tiny space, they were late, the cord was the wrong length, and it hung crooked. The installer also left a drill bit behind. I contacted the company regarding our concerns and they scheduled another installation for this week. This time the installer came before the scheduled time, brought in a whole new shade, hung it straight, had the right length cord, and didn't leave any equipment behind. All I can think about is the waste of time, money, and material to have to do the job twice rather than get it right the first time. In my line of work, that sort of thing was barely tolerated. All it takes is a little effort - or so I thought.

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