Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Minnesota State Fair

I thought the Wisconsin State Fair was a huge deal. We especially liked the animal barns and the cream puffs - and maybe the pig races. Or maybe just walking through the food vendors, eating corn on the cob, and then checking out the carnival rides. On the last leg of our cross country journey we visited St. Paul, Minnesota and a couple of dear friends. My friend grew up near the University of Minnesota and went to school there. She always told me about the Fair in her state, but we were not expecting the extent of it when she toured us through the Minnesota State Fair grounds. Even though the Fair doesn't begin until August, the "bones" of the event remain in place all year 'round - and they are extensive and far out do the Wisconsin fair grounds. And on this occasion we came upon an Arabian horse show and decided to get out of the car and look around. I have never been on a horse, but I love animals. So we walked around the staging area where the horses were being prepped for the show. Everyone was so friendly and were more than happy to show off their beautiful and handsome creatures. All the ribbons won were on display and tails were being groomed meticulously. What sweet faces these animals have. Since we didn't have a lot of time left in the evening we needed to keep moving, so we weren't able to watch the show. All I could think of is the dedication these folks have to haul around their pets and show horses all around the country. And what better place to have it but at the Minnesota state fair grounds.

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