Monday, June 26, 2017

Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids Michigan

It's hard to believe that last week at this time we were taking the Lake Express Ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon on Lake Michigan. We did that to avoid Chicago traffic coming back home to DC, but also to take a side trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum. On the way out on our roadtrip to the Pacific Northwest, we stopped in Iowa to see Herbert Hoover's place. Last year we stopped by Eisenhower's in Kansas, Nixon's in California, and Clinton's in Arkansas. Before that we had already seen Kennedy in Massachusetts, Truman in Missouri, and Roosevelt in New York. If our goal is to see all of the 13 museums, this would be a great opportunity because we probably wouldn't be coming this way again. The museum is very pretty, and what made it even more interesting was that a US citizen naturalization ceremony was going to take place. There were a lot of very enthusiastic folks milling about. This museum was not as elaborate as the others we have seen, but it was good to be there all the same. When we first moved to DC ten years ago, we attended Ford's lying in state at the Capitol Rotunda. We are now planning a trip to Texas to visit Johnson, Bush and Bush. And one of these trips to Florida we will stop in Atlanta to see Carter. As for Reagan in Simi Valley? We missed our chance last year. Otherwise, that about wraps it up, and a good excuse for another roadtrip!

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