Sunday, June 4, 2017

DSW Badly Needed Visit

I think even before we moved to DC over ten years ago my husband had these shoes. And it was time to get rid of them. The soles were completely worn out and the inside stitching was falling apart. "But they are so comfortable." He told me he didn't even see the bottoms of the shoes - they looked fine to him. So we checked out LLBean for some sandals that looked like what he had, but couldn't find what he was hoping for. The shoes need to cover the toes, but breathe for summer. So we took a ride out to DSW in Rockville where we always have luck - or should I say - HE always has luck. And sure enough, there they were. The first pair my husband tried on were less shoe and more foot and didn't look at all like him. Then we found a couple of pair that had the same style and feel as what he was used to. Our house is so small that it is almost imperative to throw out something when you buy something new. He was heartbroken to thrown them away, but those black shoes had definitely seen bette days.  At least I got him to look for something more suited to today and he actually likes them. He's quite picky about what he wears - except when it comes to old shoes.

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