Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Cleaning Under the Kitchen Sink

It’s been over three years since we moved to northern Virginia from Capitol Hill. With that comes three years worth of things pretty much staying where they were originally placed. Over the last couple of months we have been rearranging furniture in the den and the bedroom and clearing out cabinets. The addition of a new sideboard in the dining room also disrupted the plant console. Most of the plants needed to find new homes elsewhere in the house, but some were tossed. That left a few places untouched but nevertheless required a look over. So I emptied out the junk from underneath the kitchen sink and started sorting it by the stuff we use all of the time to the stuff we rarely use and could be put somewhere else. Then the protective mats were removed to reveal a bit of dirt and grime that had accumulated under the garbage and recycle baskets. No matter how careful you are something gets dirty - including the inside of the cabinet door. So that was all cleaned up and new protective mats were placed. I always save containers that can be used over for something. We kept two small dish racks that do the trick to keep all the components organized. So what started as a junky place ended up being a bit more clean and neat. After that I went through the rest of the kitchen cabinets that thankfully didn’t require too much work. All I can say is that it feels good once it’s done, but you really need to be motivated to do it. 

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