Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Giant Grocery Digital Coupon Savings

During the height of the pandemic we used to order groceries on line and have them delivered to the door. So we used the Giant app to order and schedule the pick up, but also used bonus points that accumulated over time. Now we get emails with coupon savings shown. But I never paid much attention to it thinking that they could only be used for on line ordering. I was wrong. So I investigated how to “clip the coupons” and have the savings placed on our Giant card. All it is is just click on “clip the coupon” and it automatically gets connected to our card and the savings are auto calculated. Since I hadn’t used the option for quite a while, we had a $6.00 points redemption available. Not only that there were three $3.00 off bakery, produce, meat and fish if you spent ten dollars. So I was interested in seeing how this all worked when we went to the grocery store today. Along with a buy one get one free coffee deal we ended up with twenty-nine dollars in savings - something we haven’t seen in a very long time. Since we didn’t use the meat and fish coupon it will be available until July 7. Now I need to diligently check the coupons every week and be sure to clip the items we know we will use but also look out for items we might need in the future. Now I know why my mom was always talking about the buy one get one free. In this current environment it’s foolish not to take advantage of any discount. 

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