Saturday, June 16, 2012

Army Band Concert on the Capitol Steps

Every summer we look forward to strolling over to the Capitol Building, and sitting on the steps to listen to the Army Band. We usually go on a Friday evening, after the long work week. The concerts start at 8PM and last about an hour. Not only does the band play at this spot, but all around the city, several days a week. The other armed services bands play as well. It just so happens a member of our family is in the Army, so it has more meaning for us. The Army is also celebrating its 137th birthday.You never know what music will be played, but last night was an interesting mixture of opera and contemporary. The night was absolutely beautiful, and the change from evening to night is spectacular in such a setting The best part is the ending, where the song of each service is played and those who served in each of the branches stand to be recognized. I'm sure these types of traditions are carried out all across the country. But there is something about sitting in front of this building that makes it all the more memorable.

The crowds get larger once they hear the music

A spectacular evening

They do this about every day of the week at various locations

Imagine the logistics

The crowds always love it

Even the smallest guys

Some sit on blankets or portable chairs

What the band sees

The conductor was dynamic

Looking in the other direction

Big Band music as well as opera

The rental bikes are all over town

A great sight
I'm sure they have packing up down to 20 minutes

She has a wonderful voice

The Army song being played

From evening to night

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