Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Navy Memorial

Along Pennsylvania Avenue across from the Archives is the Navy Memorial. It's not as obvious as some of the others, but a lot of folks do stop by and seem to be enchanted by the low key nature of it all. It is really a very pleasant area to sit, relax, and exjoy the crowds as they pass by. My mother was in the Navy during WWII, so it has some meaning. But the Women in the Military Exhibit is at Arlington. We once joined some friends for dinner at a restaurant located right next to this place. The view was wonderful, but the food was awful. Right up the street is the Spy Museum and the Portrait Gallery. And all along the Avenue are statues related to Civil War Generals and war time events. When we visited another country awhile back, we were struck by the fact that the memorials and statues were focused on poets and storytellers rather than warriors and statesmen. Interesting....
Scenes from WWII

Capturing some sort of action

The "P" coat - I had one in college
The ship mast

This place better have a water feature

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