Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Comcast Chats - Six or More Hours of My Life

It all started with the latest comcast bill that included a line item for an additional outlet digital converter. We only have one DVR and one room. So I got on line to chat about the bill. That discussion turned into at least six more hours of chats and phone calls with Comcast over the next several days. They finally realized the error of the extra outlet, but then informed me that there was a new charge for a digital video recorder service that they had not been billing us for. I never received documentation about that error and stated I was not happy about the new charge that we had no idea about. Wouldn't you know the documentation came in the mail two days later. However, I asked if I could get a loyal customer discount, to which they said no, but they said we would be better off with the tv/internet/phone bundle. The next day, the tv remote app lost the "manage DVR" function, so I chatted with them about that. A couple days later, after discussing the options, my husband and I decided we would discontinue our desk phone Verizon service and add the Comcast phone service to our internet and tv service to get the reduced monthly rate for two years. Then I had to spend more time porting the phone number, etc. Of course, we lost our internet connection a few times and the phone did not work immediately which required more chats and calls. At least it didn't require a service call or an installation charge. As of today everything seems to be working, including the connect app that I also needed to have troubleshooted. I'm dreading getting the next bill because I have a feeling there will be some issue. So I'll just keep my fingers crossed. At least we got rid of one monthly bill - which was worth the six or more hours of conversation - I hope!

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