Friday, May 5, 2017

Library of Congress Art Show

I have submitted art work to the Library of Congress Employee Art Show for about five years. Last year was the first time I brought in two digital paintings as a retiree. It is wonderful exposure to have your creations featured in a great spot on the sixth floor of the Madison Building. A lot of people pass by there every day and the show lasts from October through April. Last week I received an email that it was time to pick up the paintings. So yesterday I walked over. Along the way I ran in to my past colleagues on the street, at the front entrance, down the stairs, the office where I picked my artwork up, and on the way out the door - including the familiar security guards. What should have taken five minutes turned in to an hour or more. It's always nice to see familiar faces, get hugs, and catch up. Usually my husband and I run in to folks on our way to and from programs we attend there, but we haven't been in the building for awhile. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with all the nonsense anymore. So I understand they will be calling for more artwork in July for the next show. It will be another excuse to go to the library. Who knows who I will see next time?

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