Saturday, May 13, 2017

Shiraz Market in Tysons

My husband was milking what was left of the sour spicy relish that he loves. I knew we would need to take a trip to the local Persian grocery store to stock up. There is Yas in Vienna, and Yekta in Rockville. So after breakfast at our favorite place in McLean, we headed out towards Tysons to check out Shiraz Market - somewhere new and different. I'm happy to say that we were actually in Shiraz when we went to visit friends and family in Iran seven years ago. The remants of Persepolis are not far from there. Shiraz Market is off the beaten path in an industrial loop and located in sort of a warehouse. There is not only the grocery store, but also a bakery and a deli restaurant with really cheap kabobs. We wandered around to check the goods and ended up with an assortment of treats, including some sour cherries. Now the cupboard is stocked with all of his favorites. There is nothing like the taste of home.

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