Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harpers Ferry - West Virginia

We decided to take a day trip to Harpers Ferry today. I do have an interest in the Civil War, but not as intense as in younger days. But I had heard a lot about John Brown throughout the years and the city is about a two hour drive away. The best part was coming home along the back roads, and enjoying the scenery along the way- as well as sipping on the always required McDonalds lemonade. It always hits the spot. There are a lot of vineyards, and signs tempting you to buy roadside food, like pulled pork. And there are offers to board horses, and things not seen in the city. A lot of the countryside looks like Wisconsin, or a lot of other places in the country. It always raises the question for us about how folks can live in such small places. We do like to visit them, but we are always happy to get back home.
Looks like it did then

Flags abound along the way

A reflection of the town

He's well known around these parts

Where the Potomac & the Shenandoah Rivers join

What else could you ask for?

A beautiful country

The best part

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