Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue

As the pepper from the garden awaited its' fate last evening, we went out for dinner with our friends at a place we had not been to before. We wanted to try something a little different in town, along Pennsylvania Avenue on the way to the White House. The only thing good about the restaurant was the location and the company, and the weather was perfect for a short walk afterwards. Right next to the restaurant is the Navy Memorial and Museum. We had noticed it many times before, as it is across the street from the Archives, and located at a major metro stop. But it was a Friday evening, and a busy holiday weekend with a lot of visitors and locals mulling about. We noticed a tour guide with his group, with several of the members sitting near the statue he was talking about- a Civil War person of some sort. But the nicest part was the water fountain that was so peaceful to view and pleasant to hear. Perhaps these images are available anywhere, but there was something unique about this scene. Imagine all the people who have walked, rode horses, rode in carriages, cars, buses, taxis, and whatever else along Pennsylvania Avenue over the years between the Capitol and the White House! I was going to major in history when I went to college, and now I'm living in it.
The Archives are right across the street

Families and friends, tourists and locals

An historical reminder everywhere you turn

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