Friday, July 15, 2011

Tow Truck

Yesterday it was the Truckers Truck and today it is the tow truck. Parking is so tight around here that one needs to keep his eyes and ears open at all times. Behind our building I noticed that temporary signs were placed on a segment of the street that required "no parking" for certain designated dates. These signs are typically taped to a tree or pole. If one does not check for these signs on a daily basis, he can end up with a fat parking ticket for not moving the car during that time period. We have personally experienced this problem and have now made it a habit to check the car every day- particularly because we do not use it all the time and may not know when a no parking sign gets posted. Yesterday I noticed that a car had a "boot" on it. Well. today, it was getting towed out of the area. Not an uncommon sight. But, so many people around here just don't think that rules should be followed, and suffer the consequences. I miss my two car garage and driveway. Houses that have that luxury around here have it made in more ways than one.
There it goes!

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