Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cheese & Popsicles & Bullfeathers

The food trucks roam the streets - and they come in all shapes and sizes. There is even a Food Truck event held in an empty parking lot up the street on weekends and for ballgames. Today the Cheese truck and the Popsicle truck were parked side by side in front of Bullfeathers Restaurant over the lunch hour. The lines started as I walked home for lunch, and became shorter when I walked back to work. The funny thing is that the guy eating the popsicle had the Capitol Hill uniform on (blog from yesterday- khaki pants and a long sleeve buttoned down blue shirt). Was that just a coincidence? Wonder how many people drooled popsicle juice on themselves. It is very hot here this week, and nothing is more satisfying than a good 'ole popsicle. I'm not sure how the cheese part fits in.
Wonder if Bullfeathers likes the competition?

The Capitol Hill uniform

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