Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tune Inn Support

When the Tune Inn burned last month, my husband was there to get the pictures. We recently passed by Tune Inn, and there is obvious support shown for the DC Fire Department arriving in time to save the place. There have also been a few articles found on-line about fundraisers for the employees who are now out of work. Luckily, the place will be repaired within the next few month, so folks will hopefully get their jobs back. However, a few months generally means at least twice that much. But the locals are concerned that the interior decor will be altered and just not have the same ambiance. One of our friends enjoys heading there for breakfast, and has that very same opinion. It's hard to recreate the grease and grime generated since the 40's.
DC Fire Department arrives in time

Now, let's get it back up and running

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