Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Luggage Carrier Put to Good Use

One thing we learned in Milwaukee was to make sure the soil next to the house was high enough against the wall so any water would flow away from the foundation - not towards it. Because water damage is more common around here than I'd like to think about, we needed to make sure the same approach applied here. We are lucky to have a nice little patio garden attached to our condo. Unfortunately we have to maintain it ourselves. That's fine when replacing tomato plants with mums, but not for heavy lifting maintenance. The soil in the corner had worn down so replacement dirt was required. It's not as easy to get this kind of thing to the patio, and we are a lot older and very wary of carrying heavy objects. We know too many people with back pain. We don't own a wheelbarrow any longer, so we needed to improvise. I'm glad we saved our old luggage carrier - that we bought before luggage had wheels - and used it to move the dirt from the car. We don't have a large shovel either. So we used our dustpan to do the job of moving the dirt from the bag to the garden. Unfortunately, three bags just about did it. I really don't want to do this again!

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