Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Four Promises Print and Kindle Versions

Two of my children's books were published by StoryChimes and are available as apps in iTunes - A Tiny Fish Tale and The Four Promises. The stories were mine but the art was not. So my goal was to publish these books on Amazon in both print and Kindle ebook versions using my art. In the meantime I wrote a third book, My Trip to Washington - from LA to DC and back - all by myself! So in between custom requests for pet portraits, I finally completed the last book this month. The Four Promises was the shortest of the three but it didn't seem any less time consuming! So I am happy to say my "trilogy" of books is now available on Amazon. They are all true stories inspired by my grandsons, pets, and separation. I never thought I would ever be doing something like this, but the iPad reignited my interest in art. All the illustrations are hand painted using the iPad as the canvas and the stylus as the brush. I've got a fourth story written. I just need to come up with the pictures to go along with it. 

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