Friday, October 25, 2013

On the Hunt for Halloween Decorations in Alexandria and Capitol Hill

It's a pretty sad state of affairs. I thought since this weekend is the last one in October before Halloween, certainly the decorations would be up in full force. Boy, was I wrong! Either the economy has gotten everyone down, or we were in the wrong places. My husband told me that Halloween sales were down about 25% and it became quite obvious as we searched for interesting haunts on Capitol Hill and Alexandria. In years past, there was always something quite unusual to gaze at. If a decoration was up, it was quite lame... just a few pumpkins and mums. The only places that had something a little more festive and interesting were the shops, and even they didn't have much to show. I don't know which one was worse...Alexandria or Capitol Hill. The fake spider webs were overwhelmingly the product of choice, but just didn't pack the punch of the season. Or maybe it's just us? What happened to all the spooky stuff? Maybe everyday life has taken it's place!

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