Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Comcast Successful Visit - Issue Resolved!

On October 20 I wrote a blog about poor Comcast Service. After spending a lot of time on a chat call our issue was not resolved. A couple days later I was checking my blog for comments and there was one written from a Comcast rep who asked that I send them an email with a phone number that they could reach us. I sent them a note and shortly thereafter they called to learn more about the issue and scheduled a service call. The tech came even earlier than the scheduled time, but It was not successful. He requested that another crew come by and check external factors. They appeared soon after and after a couple hours and in to the evening the issue was finally resolved. We also received two follow up calls to see if the problem was rectified. I'm happy that the service issue was finally resolved and appreciated all the attention and follow up. But we still paid full price for service we did not have for a six week period. For someone who consistently pays the bills the same day an invoice is received, reported an issue that was not resolved the first time, and the issue was external to us and outside our control, some sort of a refund would be appropriate. I know I would never get away with poor service in health care where demanding patients and families insisted on better. We're talking television channels  - not a matter of life or death, but an inconvenience to us and not worth full price for lost service during that period of time. I read somewhere that blogging about things like this may get attention. I guess it did. In all fairness I also wrote about a very successful Comcast interaction a year or two ago that was filled with compliments. Fair is fair.   

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