Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Washington Hospital Center for "Eye Surgery"

Washington Hospital Center is becoming a place we are frequenting a lot lately. Last week we had our annual eye checks and it was determined that my husband would need his other eye lasered to prevent a glaucoma incident. The worst part is navigating to and around the place. You need to leave at least an hour before any appointment to travel about two miles. Once there, the physician office building is located right next to a very busy ambulatory care center, and even worse, the even busier emergency department. And if you need to be there before lunch, parking is packed and almost impossible to find. The only reason we continue coming here is because we like the doctor and finding an alternate is something we are just not up to. Having worked in health care for thirty years in a similar type of set up makes it slightly easier to understand the nuances, but we don't know anyone here, and that really does make a difference. Luckily, the actual procedure went very well, and a lot of eye drops are in the future over the next couple days. It's nice to know these eye conditions can be treated and managed without a lot of difficulty. The problem is is that we have to come back again next week for a check up. Thank goodness I am now a furloughed government worker. It's actually worked out well for us. 

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