Saturday, October 19, 2013

Two Expletives at the Stoplight

I'm not sure what is in the water. But something has changed over the last year. Or maybe we just notice it more, or maybe that's how it always was. As with a lot of intersections in this neighborhood, five or more streets join and it makes for confusion and near miss accidents. I was almost run over the other day as someone went sailing by on a red light. Another one thought he was in England and turned down the left side of the road. At this particular area just two blocks from our house we are well aware how the lights work. But someone on the corner thought he knew how they worked better. He was yelling to us to turn. I'm not sure why he thought it was his business, but he wouldn't give up. He said he worked in the building across the street ... We said we lived here and know the light. He still wouldn't give up. Finally he crossed the street cussing all the way. Behind us was another fool who kept beeping at us to make the left turn. We had to wait for the left turn arrow, but he knew better. So he swung around us on the right and pulled in front of us to make a u turn, yelling more expletives at us as he went. Shortly thereafter, the left arrow finally appeared and we turned as we always do. We are used to following lights and signs and directions. Not only do people around here think they don't need  to, they have to scream and insult you while they are at it. 

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