Sunday, October 27, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon on the Mall

The dreary morning turned in to a brilliant afternoon. And since it was Sunday, it was time for our weekly walk on the Mall. My husband keeps heading to the Mall every morning after he drops me off at work at the Library, but I get there less often. We knew something was up because Independence Avenue was heavy with traffic. We also knew the Marine Corps Marathon was taking place this weekend with about 30,000 participants. Once we hit the Capitol Building, and heard a marching band, you could see them all making their way around the Mall. So we followed the path a bit, against the grain. There were a lot of supporters all along the way, and a very strong Marine corps presence, and helicopters flying overhead. It was a little chilly for us, but probably the perfect temperature for the participants. It was definitely disappointing for those who like to drive to the Capitol grounds, park on the quiet Sunday streets, and meander along the sidewalks on the Mall.  I'm glad we don't need to think about it, and get to enjoy the events even without having any idea we may run in to them. 

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