Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Washington Hospital Center Eye Appointments

Even though it is the second furlough day, it feels weird to be off. I had a sick day scheduled today for our annual eye appointment, so I would have been off anyway. We thought it would be less busy driving to Washington Hospital Center, but we were wrong. The traffic is miserable regardless of a government shutdown. Construction is everywhere. Once there, it always takes forever to get though all the eye exams... Visual fields, glaucoma checks, optic nerve evaluations, reading eye charts. Those darn drops sting more every year! It turns out my husband needs to have laser surgery on his other eye. That's scheduled for next week. I eventually need cataracts removed and the doctor is suggesting lenses that correct astigmatism. My eyes are getting more and more sensitive to light, and everything has a glare. Good thing I don't do any night driving. I can hardly read the eye chart any more. So I'll just limp along with another prescription until the glare becomes overwhelming. What I like the most is the fashionable eyewear required in the bright sun after dilating the pupils.  Some things never change. 

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