Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Digital Art Printing Project

Since I've been painting digital art portraits on my iPad over the last four years or more, the finished product is a JPEG image, like a photograph, that is attached to an email address. The customers then use the image any way they like - to have traditional canvases, mats and frames made - or fun projects like coffee mugs and t shirts. Oftentimes they ask me where would be the best place to get the image printed. Kinkos, Costco, and the local printing places all work. One of the portraits I painted for Christmas was for a local resident in DC, who happened to notice my work at the Wagtime shop where I have a wall display of pet portraits. She asked where she could get the image printed. I offered to print it for her, using my desktop printer - the same way I prepare my portraits for the Wagtime wall. I don't usually offer because all my orders have been from out of town and international. And I don't want to get in to a habit of mailing had copy projects out - which is why I really like digital art! Anyway, I printed up an 8x10, 5x7, and 4x6 plus the in process image from sketch to portrait. I put them all in a plastic sleeve with my card. We arranged a time for my customer for pick up and it worked out nicely. I really appreciate her noticing my wall, and ordering a portrait for her husband. This little bit of printing goes a long way. And this pup's portrait will be on the wall this month when I update the Wagtime wall once again. It just so happens I needed to print two instead of one.

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