Monday, January 2, 2017

Butterball Freezer to Oven Turkey Breast

It was a little late in coming...we decided to go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving, so thought we would make a turkey breast for Christmas instead. However, we had an unexpected and unplanned opportunity to go out of town for Christmas, so the Butterball turkey breast was delayed to New Year. Since yesterday was New Year, it was time for turkey. We picked up the gravy and stuffing when we went grocery shopping the day before, so we were all set. I don't go for the hard to make stuff, so the freezer to oven option is always a good idea, but I never had a butterball brand or just the turkey breast. We popped it in the oven, and two and a half hours later it was ready, leaving a few minutes more to brown, and a few more minutes after that to cool down. With the really sharp knife we recently bought to replace another, it carved the breast without a hitch! Either I was turkey deprived and/or it was simply done well. Our belated turkey New Year dinner was delicious! My husband is not a turkey lover,  but he is a good sport. Three pounds of turkey lasts a while for us, so we will have sandwiches tonight - lucky me, unfortunate for him. I offered to make a casserole, but he doesn't like stuff mixed up like that. In the end it was well worth the effort - at least one time a year!

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