Tuesday, January 3, 2017

West Wing Cafe

We have passed this way several times before, but never paid much attention to it. We were on our way to McDonald's downtown somewhere in the miserable rainy, misty, foggy, cold walk this morning. But since it was so dreadful outside, we stopped at the West Wing Cafe rather than continuing down D Street. It's located on New Jersey Avenue NE sort of near Union Station. We made it just in time to order breakfast at the counter, and picked up a menu to see what else would be available if we ever decided to return. We got a western omelette and an egg sandwich on a bagel, and a pound cake and coffee cake slice. Along with the Orange juice, it was around $12.00 - unheard of around here. You could say it's sort of like McDonald's and the sculpture garden (another one of our favorites) because you order and pick up yourself. My husband is always in to exploring new places whereas I like to stick to a routine and familiar things. It was rather quiet on this visit - right after breakfast and right before lunch. It might look different in the sunshine as most things do. Would we go back? Probably. When? I'm not sure.

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