Saturday, January 14, 2017

Digitalart Custom Pet Portraits and Etsy

I opened an Etsy shop about four years ago. My interest in art was reignited when the iPad came along. All my custom pet portraits are created on my iPad and the finished product is a JPEG image that is attached to an email. From that image file, a product can be created to the liking of the person who purchased it - a canvas, traditional mat and frame, or a non traditional take on art like a coffee mug, tote bag, pillow, or T shirt. The sky is the limit. Every year during the holiday season, November and December are my busiest months. Thank goodness I have a very supportive husband who can go days without a life while I am painting away the hours. I get so many requests that I have to turn some of them down, or offer at least a sketch with an IOU to complete the portrait once I get some time. I really appreciate my repeat customers - they either order early on, and/or are willing to wait until I have the time to do it right. Now that the frenzy is over, I need to print all of the portraits so I can display them on my "gallery wall" at the Wagtime Shop on Capitol Hill. I really enjoy creating the furry creature art, but the positive feedback means even more. Thanks for a great end of the year season. I just wish I could spread it out more throughout the year!

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