Friday, January 6, 2017

Safeway Wine

We usually go to the Wine Store for wine. We pick up twelve bottles at a crack and hope it lasts for a while. Sometimes there are discounts, and I've noticed more coupons getting sent via email. Since our wine supply was getting low, and we were in Safeway doing regular grocery shopping anyway, we noticed what seemed to be a big sale going on. So much so that we decided to gather up six bottles of whatever kind of wine we liked, obtain a significant discount, and then add on ten per cent. My husband was skeptical, so I showed him the sign. And when we checked out it was obvious that it was a good deal - we saved about $35.00 all told. In the end, did we like the wine? We just opened the first bottle. It was okay, but for me, most of them are just okay. It's more about a habit that we have - a half a glass of wine, enjoy each other's company, and a toast. It hardly matters where it comes from.

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