Friday, January 27, 2017

Another March in the Neighborhood

We just went though Inauguration last week followed by the women's march. We attended both as is typical for us. We love going to the Mall regardless of the event to check out living history. Where is a better place to do it? So, we headed out this morning for our usual walk past the Capitol and Smithsonian museums. We eventually got caught up in the crowd heading towards the Washington monument for the march on life.  It was quite cold today with an unrelenting wind, but we were dressed for the weather and continued heading west to the stage area where the White House could be seen on the horizon. We haven't walked to the Washington monument since the MLK anniversary a couple of years ago - we saw Anthony Weiner there campaigning for whatever it was at the time. We then headed back down Constitution Avenue against the crowd direction. Then we passed by the Supreme Court where all the news media was setting up for the end of the march activities. It was a longer walk than usual, but a very active one. Wonder what the next one will be?

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