Thursday, January 12, 2017

More Senate Hearings, Tuna Fish, and Shorter Afternoons

We decided that after spending all day Tuesday waiting in line and seeing only one senate hearing that we would take the day off yesterday and watch a bit on c span. So today I went against my natural circadian rhythm and was woken up at 7:30 by my husband so we could see more of the hearings this week. Rather than the Russell Building, they were scheduled in the Dirkson Building - one we have been in many times before to see primarily foreign relations discussions. It wasn't as hectic this morning, and we ended up getting in to the first room without any problem after waiting an hour and a half in line. The room was much bigger and could hold a lot more observers. After a bit, we walked over to another room, but only sat for a few minutes. The confirmation hearing that we were really interested in had already concluded; but another one was in process. So we watched that one for a bit. I checked the schedule to see what other options were available, and found one on the fifth floor - but there was a line and we really didn't want to wait - again! So we went for lunch in the "cafeteria" where I indulged in another tuna fish sandwich, while my husband had Senate bean soup. Before we left for the day, we checked the fifth floor again,  but there was still a line. We left and walked home to actually get some chores done - grocery shopping and laundry! I think I may have preferred standing in line.

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