Friday, January 13, 2017

Nature's Way or Nature's Bounty?

I'm not sure when it started. But when you get to a certain age, it is highly recommended to begin taking Calcium and Vitamin D supplements, and Fish Oil if you have a history of cardiac diseases. With my supply of calcium supply depleting, and while on a trip to the grocery store, we found a deal at Harris Teeter for "buy one, get one free." That can oftentimes mean considerable savings when one bottle costs $15.99. I'm not sure which brand is better than the next, but it's the size of the pill that usually sells me. I am a terrible pill taker! Since the fish oil pills are as big as horse pills, I have finally been able to tolerate them without gagging! The difference between Nature's Made Calcium and Nature's Bounty Calcium looks to be the size of the pill. But the dose is also different. So we decided to get the Nature's Bounty horse size pill because it was 1200 mg plus 1000 iu of Vitamin D, requiring one pill a day and was the two for one deal. The Nature's Made was a smaller size 500 mg plus 400 iu requiring one pill two times a day. The blood work will show if any of this works. I used to wonder how my mom could take all those pills and keep them straight. And here I am having to do the same. And what about all the REAL prescription medications? Those never sell for "buy one, get one free."

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