Wednesday, January 25, 2017

LaFont Eyewear From Voorthuis

Well, it took theee times to get it right. FINALLY! I ordered new glasses three weeks ago at Voorthuis in Alexandria. This would be the fifth pair of glasses we bought from them. We selected frames from LaFont in a color that I would not have thought of - blue and copper? They were thinner frames, but pretty. When we went to pick them up the first time, the prescription was wrong. It was my husband's. The salesperson was very apologetic and we thought the issue would be resolved. When we went to pick them up the second time, the prescription was wrong again - it was my husband's - again! This time, a different salesperson told us the doctor wrote the incorrect prescription, and there was a lot of blame going around. It felt like we were the ones at fault. So this time, we were not looking forward to the encounter, and if they were wrong again, I would be asking for a refund. The mean salesperson was otherwise occupied, and the nicer gentleman - who actually was most helpful the last time - took care of us. I was finally able to put the new glasses on and could actually see! So, in the end, it worked out but it was quite the hassle for what is supposed to be a joyful experience. However, we were not offered any compensation for this ordeal. Some folks need to learn more about customer service. And this is from people who rarely complain. All we can say is my husband and I worked in health care - he as a surgeon and I as a nurse - and there is no way we would get away with something like that.

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