Thursday, January 26, 2017

Corner Bakery Cafe Compared to Other Hill Stops

Sometimes when we walk in the morning we stop for breakfast. That way, we don't have to think about making it when we get home and settle quickly in to our typical afternoon routine. We oftentimes go to the sculpture garden on the mall. We usually get a salad, soup, and either a blueberry muffin or cinnamon role. We routinely go to Pete's Diner just up the block from where we live. They know us so well we get a Christmas gift every year. A couple of weeks ago we tried the West Wing Cafe. It was interesting. Yesterday, we were going to go back to the West Wing but stumbled across the Corner Bakery Cafe on North Capitol Street. It was the more typical order at the counter and someone delivers to your table affair. We got an egg dish and pancakes. It was filled with mostly working folks. We were probably the only two retired people in the place. It was an ok experience. It seems the one of a kind places usually beat out the chains. It was good to try it, although I'm not sure we would go back. Pete's is now closed for a of couple weeks to do some renovations and upgrades. We just hope they don't make it look like all the other places on the hill. They have a very distinct space, which is one of the reasons we like it.

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