Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Costco Run

We always wonder if having a Costco card is worth it with a $55 annual fee.  We haven't been to Costco since late summer, so it was time for another run and decide - again - if we should keep going. We end up shopping there probably twice a year. So we went to the warehouse in Arlington. It was packed - but it was also noon. That's not a good time to go. We always start at the electronics and home end, work our way towards the groceries, and end up by the toiletries and medicines. Some of our favorite items are there and are really worth getting just for the major discounts on Boursin and p'tit basque cheeses. Two huge bottles of olive oil are unbelievably cheap. Some of the products come in such huge volumes it will take forever to use them - but they are daily use items like paper towels, napkins, lotion, and razor blades. Of course the huge pack of Hersey chocolate bars for $21 was the best purchase. Batteries and light bulbs are always needed, and we even ended up with regular paper and photo paper for my printer. I use the photo paper for displaying my digital artwork on my gallery wall at Wagtime. We would have gotten more grocery items but the quantities were just too much for just the two of us. Will we keep our membership? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. Is it tiring? Yes. Do we still need to go to the grocery store on Saturday? Unfortunately yes. There are just some things that aren't available in the brand we like and the size we need. Maybe I should look at what is available on line. Or maybe not!

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