Monday, February 6, 2017

Wagtime Digital Art Pet Portrait Gallery Wall

I can't believe it's been over four years since I first started to display my custom pet portraits in the Wagtime Shop. Thanks to Lisa Schrieber, I am able to maintain and update it whenever I have a new batch of custom portraits to display. Wagtime is located across from the historic Navy Yard on M Street on Capitol Hill, so it's close to our house. It all started with six portraits and has grown to more than I can count. The portraits are all printed on my printer and mounted on foamboard with spray glue. The foamboard is attached to the wall using Velcro strips. So yesterday was a good day to refresh the space with the thirty two new images that were commissioned custom portraits over the holidays. One of them was of a pooch who goes to Wagtime for day care - the rest are pets from all over the United States. Ironically, several were from Wisconsin this season. So as time passes and portraits accumulate, I visit Wagtime and exchange some of the older portraits with the new ones. I also have a slot for my business cards, which I also make and print at home. So, thanks Lisa for use of the space! Please stop by and visit if you are ever in town!

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