Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Best Seat in the House

No matter where you are, the birds have it made - at least for the best views from on high. From the rooftops, to the treetops, to the light posts - all are great perches for our fine feathered friends. The crow's nest on a ship was named for a good reason. We've seen a hawk viewing us from above from the corner of the Smithsonian air and space museum building. At the Smithsonian gardens the black birds are hanging around the very top taking in the visitors who pass below them. On the gulf coast of Florida the fishy birds hang around the top of the seafood shops and take in the catches of the fisherman near by. And at the pond, they hang around the island away from anything that could reach them by foot. What it must feel like to fly and land pretty much wherever you want must be exhilarating. We had several parakeets growing up and always had bird baths and bird feeders wherever we lived. Even though they are always so afraid of any movement coming their way it is fun to watch them in their natural surroundings. A little food and water always helps. Isn't that true for just about anyone?

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