Friday, February 10, 2017

LIT Living on Capitol Hill/Hell Blog

Since 2011, I have been writing a daily blog - and I mean every day. It didn't matter where we were - here at home, visiting our friends and family members around the country, or even on overseas trips. I always manage to get in a few words along with associated photos. The theme is primarily comparing life on Capitol Hill to the Midwest, or highlighting activities in Washington DC. So the other day I took note of the map that shows how far my blog has reached. I've had over 150,000 page views - not exactly a huge number - but it shows where on the map someone found something interesting enough to open a link. I've hit most of the continents except Antarctica? The largest clusters are in the US and Eastern Europe. It's fun to view the countries that show an interest on a daily basis - even some of the tiniest islands are named. One of these days it will be interesting to read this diary of sorts. It certainly tells a story of our lives and the world around us. When I started the blog, that was about all the social media I spent time on. It was on a laptop and I had to upload photos from a camera. Now with my digital art work, I'm using more social media than I can count. And a lot of them are apps that I use on my phone and iPad. The blog is not like the other stuff - and has a very different flavor. I just wish blogger would update the app as it is getting very difficult to use. I hope it doesn't completely become unusable. That would be a real shame.

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