Monday, February 20, 2017

Kraft American Cheese and Kirkland Plastic Food Wrap

Our house is full of cheese. We have a few favorites including Boursin garlic and fine herbs, Alouette Brie, P'tit basque, and assorted kraft cheeses for pizza. We do use Kraft American cheese slices on English muffins to make homemade egg Mcmuffins. The last time we went grocery shopping we picked up Kraft deli delux 2% American cheese rather than the good old American cheese slices, but neither my husband nor I looked at the label closely to see that the slices were NOT individually wrapped. He found out this morning when he made breakfast and was mildly cursing about the cheese package. Luckily for us, we also have a large box of Costco Kirkland brand food wrap. The wrap comes in the best dispenser we have ever seen. It's not the jagged cutting edge that never seems to work and the wrap always seems to get stuck on itself; rather, it's a plastic edge that cuts seemlessly and stays in place to easily store and reuse. Today we needed 24 square cutttings to store the now opened package of unwrapped cheese slices. So we made a production line...I cut the plastic wrap and my husband wrapped the cheese. In the end, I would have just stuck it all in a baggy, but my husband wouldn't hear of it. Lesson learned is to read the package. But at least we had an easy fix. That reminds us - it's time for another run to Costco!

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