Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hirshhorn Clock Art

When we went to visit the orchid exhibit at the Hirshhorn museum last week on our daily walk to the National Mall, there were obviously other items on display as well. The second floor was not accessible as a new show was being prepared. On the third floor of the circular building were paintings and sculptures displayed in the interior space, but along the outside corridor were large images of clocks that showed time from around the world - in different "languages." My husband first noticed the Persian numbering because it is near and dear to his heart. But as we walked around, it became obvious what it was all about. The collection was striking in black, greys, and white. And the sizes of the images took up the wall space nicely. Even more interesting was that it seemed like we were almost the only people in the building on a Monday morning because the corridors were completely empty. This morning we passed by the air and space museum and decided it was time to run through there again. But a cold weekend in winter is probably better than during the week - there are always school buses and lots of kids visiting during the week. The key to living here is timing when to see all the places everyone always sees when they are visiting when they aren't here. That way, you can take your time and see whatever you like.

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