Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Turquoise Mountain at the Sackler

Since we've been walking every morning on the National Mall, we decided it might be time again to stop in to the museums along the way. I don't particularly care for crowds, and at this time of the year it's a lot easier to maneuver about. The biggest crowds come in school buses during the week, which sometimes can be just as difficult! A couple weeks ago we saw the orchid display at the Hirshhorn; last week we stopped in the air and space museum; today we were headed to the Freer Art Gallery - but it is closed for renovation and has been since last year. So instead, we visited the Sackler and came upon an exhibit highlighting the artists of Afghanistan called Turquoise Mountain. And yes, the school crowd was there. I really like the colors and textures of these middle eastern textiles and art. We've been in the Sackler many times before and since we moved to DC for Persian new year, and other rotating exhibits. We still have a few more Smithsonian to see again - american history, natural history, national gallery of art west. And when visitors come to visit we usually see some of them again. It sure makes the walks a lot more interesting. And we can go in on a whim.

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