Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thanks Lisa Schrieber and Wagtime Too

When the iPad came out in 2010, I preordered one and waited by the window for it to be delivered to our house. I knew it would be a big hit - at least for me. This device reignited my interest in art, and it's much less messy than watercolors and pastels. I started doodling on it and the doodling evolved in to a little business on Etsy called LIT Digital Paintings. But I also wanted to showcase the commissioned pet portraits in hard copy. A new doggy day care and you name it shop was being built across from the Navy Yard near our house on Capitol Hill called Wagtime Too. The original Wagtime is near the convention center. By chance, I contacted the owner, Lisa Schrieber, and asked her if she might be interested in displaying my portraits in her shop. I met with her back in 2012 or so, showed her my work, and she offered me the whole wall in the large dog day care side. Since then I've been updating the gallery wall every few months. Lisa has also highlighted the artwork in the Wagtime newsletter. Today I was really pleased that she posted the newest update on the Facebook site with a link to my art page. I really appreciate the advertisement, but more importantly - the great space I have to display my work. Thanks again Lisa for the gallery wall. I couldn't have done it without you!

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