Friday, February 24, 2017

Target Threshold Indonesia Salt and Pepper Shakers

We left a full set of fine chine and a other set of lovely dinnerware in the Midwest when we moved here. We now have Williams and Sonoma French Apilco Porcelaine salt and pepper shakers that match the white dinnerware pieces. We got this Apilco set when we moved here because our son and daughter in law had the same brand - and we could borrow whatever we neeeded if we needed it. Well, they moved a couple of years ago and that advantage no longer exists. But the salt and pepper shakers were never an issue - except the bottom plastic piece that you need to remove to refill the salt and pepper was impossible to take off. They now look like they've been chewed up. So we have been on the lookout for replacements - they needed to be white and plain. So when we were in target the other day for a few Corelle replacement bowls and Oneida flatware, we checked out the salt and pepper shakers there. Although they are bigger than what we prefer, there was a nice porcelain set from Indonesia under the Threshold brand. What made them even nicer was that the small plastic piece on the bottom comes out without even a slight struggle. So as pieces of our French Apilco chip, they will be replaced with Corelle and Threshold. We are long past making any impressions. These pieces work nicely. Let's hope they last.

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