Saturday, February 18, 2017

Oneida and Corelle at Target

When we moved to DC we left almost everything behind. When we purchased what we needed, it was in much smaller amounts. Rather than eight pieces of everything, it was four. And that included dishes and flatware. And since our son and daughter in law lived just down the street, we could borrow extra plates and forks when the time arose. But since they moved to Virginia a couple of years ago, and our bowls have since become chipped, we needed to do a bit of replacement. So, rather than go to Crate and Barrel for flatware, and Williams and Sonoma for plain white French dinnerware, we decided to stop by Target and see what was comparable. And there were the brands that have been around for as long as I can remember - Oneida and Corelle. I think we even still have a couple of Corelle bowls with little flowers around the rim from over forty years ago somewhere in the cupboard - and they are not chipped. So we decided a service for four of Oneida plain stainless steel flatwear and a plain white six piece Corelle bowl set would be perfect to meet the need. So for now, we put them in the cupboard in case we have company. After all, chipped dinnerware just wouldn't do.

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